Project Leadership - Training Programs & Coaching

We believe everyone can learn how to apply proven Project Leadership techniques to all their goals and tasks, both large and small.

The Project Way® is an exciting new Project Leadership Training & Coaching Program, created specifically for individuals who are not considered full-time professional project leaders, such as:


    Healthcare Professionals


    Sales Professionals

    Technical Support Personnel

    Administrative Support Staff

    Customer Service Representatives

The Project Way® approach to Project Leadership Training & Coaching is: Simplify & Apply. Simplify classic, complex project management principles, and apply them to virtually any objective. The results are clear.

Greater Success Achieving Your Goals

Time and Money Leftover to Tackle New Projects

Peace of Mind

This mindful approach is not restricted to the workplace. Use The Project Way® to improve your effectiveness in your personal life, as well. From paying your bills to building a new home, focused and well-planned action spells success.

Tap into the benefits of The Project Way®
in one of three ways:

Foundational TPW Training
”Off-the-shelf” Project Leadership Best Practices for individuals and organizations needing general guidance. This material lays the foundation for success. It breaks down complex project management concepts and advanced leadership practices into simple, easy-to-apply tools. Participants learn how to define goals, formulate plans, take action and deliver successful results with the speed and effectiveness of a seasoned, project professional.

Customized eLearning Program
Do you have specific operational objectives or areas that require improvement? The Project Way® can be customized to address your unique requirements in areas like customer service, production, sales and engineering. We integrate your standard operating procedures with the core principles of TPW. The finished product is available via your company intranet or on the web through a secure login. The result: A practical professional development program that meets your specific requirements in an easily accessible, cost-effective format.

On-Site Coaching & Support
If you prefer your training face-to-face or via teleconference, we can provide that as well. A TPW coach will visit your site, observe your operation, and interview management and staff. We will then craft a custom training or hands-on coaching program to help you hit your targets. Training takes place at a location of your choice, followed by daily on-site coaching of staff members.

Contact us for more information on how The Project Way® can give you and your team its competitive edge.



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