What is The Project Way®?

The Project Way is an innovative training and leadership coaching program that focuses on simplifying and applying complex project management principles, in the workplace. It combines classic project management principles with advanced leadership skills, resulting in Project Leaders capable of successfully managing multiple tasks and leading internal and external resources.

Why learn The Project Way?

We all have a limited amount of time to accomplish our goals. If we successfully harness the benefits of high-performance project management methods, we can accomplish greater goals in less time. From managing your day to launching new product lines, The Project Way provides the practical knowledge and direction to get the job done right, with time and money to spare.

How does this training program work?

Simplify & Apply. The Project Way trains you to think, plan, and execute like a professional project manager, by translating complex project management principles into easily understood and applied tools for the average individual.

Who can benefit from this program?

Typical project management training programs target full-time project management professionals. The Project Way is specifically geared toward non-project professionals such as technicians, administrators, engineers, sales personnel, and supervisors. Existing and aspiring leaders. These individuals can learn to apply the same methods practiced by world-class, full-time project managers, resulting in greater success in every job they tackle.

How is The Project Way presented?

This custom program is currently available in electronic form and through our on-site TPW Project Leadership Coaching Program. Our streaming multimedia presentation format is offered, via the web, within the US and abroad. International material can be translated to support non-English speaking cultures.

Tap into the benefits of The Project Way today!



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